#131: The Antiquary, St Stephen Street, Edinburgh

The Antiquary, St Stephen Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

While the rest of us were still in Hamilton’s down the road having our tea, Russ and Doug left early to keep the ball rolling. This is almost entirely based on their notes, though I did join them for the last 10 mins.

The Antiquary, St Stephen Street, Edinburgh (interior)

It’s a pretty large basement pub with two bars, “one for food, the other for tough guys and fitba (we were the tough guys)”. Fairly old-fashioned/traditional, it has lots of tables, a few barrels, fake fireplace, old photos, old brewery mirrors, various alcoves and side-rooms, outside seating, puggies and “kitty litter in the candles”. Huh?

Pretty quiet (not unusual on a Tuesday night), but at least there was some banter going. It looks like the boys got chatting a bit to the barmaid and a couple of locals. “Lively barmaid. Cheek given, cheek returned.” There was an unfortunate paint/chipfat smell. Music was quite mixed, but included the likes of Dire Straits.

The Bar

The Antiquary, St Stephen Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

At least three of these were cask, don’t know which ones: Black Isle [unknown beer], [unknown brewery] Hoppopotamus, Cairngorm Trade Winds, Caledonian Deuchars. Then the obvious kegs: [Belhaven or Caledonia?] Best, Stella Artois, Tennent’s Lager, Staropramen, Budweiser Budvar, Blue Moon, Guinness and Strongbow.

Both pints tasted sub-par/dodgy [though no attempt was made to take them back and give the bar staff a chance to explain/offer a fresh one].

Drinks offers e.g. Cobra £1.95. Limit on absinth shots (good).

£7.25 for 2 pints, or about £3.62 per pint.


“Locals claimed food is good thanks to guest chefs, “they even do venison stew.””


Poker night on Tuesdays at 7pm, pub quiz Wednesdays at 830pm, live folk music Thursdays at 9pm.

I’ve been in here for a big rugby game in the past (it was rammed), so I assume that’s still on the go, but I don’t remember seeing any big tellies.

Castle View



Website: theantiquarybar.co.uk
Twitter: @antiquarybar
Facebook: The Antiquary


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