#127: The Raeburn, Dean Street, Edinburgh

The Raeburn, Dean Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Raeburn hides down a cobbled street to the south of Stockbridge’s main road. It’s a bit more modern/trendy inside than I expected, with dark wood, moody lighting, dark purple seat coverings and some armchairs. The TVs were all off, but they show sport The walls are adorned with photos of various famous names in music, from old blues and jazz guys I couldn’t identify to Michael Stipe, Slash, and the Zutons lady. It was mentioned that this place smelled better than the last pub (but that’s subjective). The music on the stereo was rather poppier than expected with Robin Thicke, the “ch-ching” song from Slum Dog Millionaire and others.

It was a bit quiet, but that’s nothing new for a Tuesday night around 8:30, never mind the first working Tuesday after New Year. There were a few folk next to us, perhaps in their 40s and/or 50s with their dog, a young couple in their late 20s, then two guys, possibly regulars or off-duty bar staff, sitting at the bar.

I think there’s going to be quite a bit of confusion when the old Raeburn House Hotel reopens later this year. Both appear to be calling themselves “The Raeburn” in places, and Google maps has the location of the hotel where the bar is.

The Bar

The Raeburn, Dean Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

On cask was Caledonian Flying Scotsman, Young’s London Gold and St Austell Proper Job. Kegs were Guinness, Heineken, Tennent’s Lager, Belhaven Best, Symonds Cider.

£7.35 for 3 half pints and a coffee, so likely in the £3.50 per pint area, assuming £2 for a coffee.


None that we noticed, apart from the free mince pie (the Christmas kind, not meat). There’s some evidence of “pie (of the meat variety) and a pint” on facebook, but not even a whisper of that on their website.


It says that there’s “free function hire” on their website, but I don’t think there’s a function room per se. There’s regular live music and a pub quiz on Tuesdays at 9pm. We saw some books too.

Castle View



Website: theraeburnbar.co.uk
Twitter: @theraeburnbar
Facebook: The Raeburn


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