#125: The Stockbridge Tap, Raeburn Place, Edinburgh

The Stockbridge Tap, Raeburn Place, Edinburgh (exterior)

Another strong personal favourite of mine, the Stockbridge Tap gets big points for a great beer selection and probably the best burgers in town.

It’s a traditional pub with a nice but understated wooden bar, white walls, green waist-high tiles, old brewery mirrors, a few sofas, padded benches and various smallish tables and chairs. The clientèle is a mixed bunch, but they’ve got their fair share of locals, including Adam, an 80-year-old who’s been a regular since the 50s. The staff were friendly and seemed to know their stuff.

There are two sister pubs, both also excellent, namely The Bow Bar and Cloisters. The parent company is Edinburgh Real Ale Limited.

The Bar

The Stockbridge Tap, Raeburn Place, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

There are 7 cask taps, this time with Loch Lomond Silkie Stout Chilli, Truefitt Ironopolis, Great Heck Voodo Mild, Highland St Magnus w/citra, Ilkley Mary Jane, Stewart’s Tap Dance and Alechemy Dunkelweiss. I think there’s always a Stewart’s and an Alechemy. I forgot to write down the kegs, but from the photo (taken on a different day) I think it’s Weihenstephan, Black Isle Porter, West St Mungo, Inveralmond Sunburst and Moles Black Rat Cider.

No record of the price of the round, but the beers on the board in the photo average about £3.51 per pint.


Burgers at The Stockbridge Tap

As previously mentioned, the burgers are excellent, and even better on a Tuesday when they’re on for an absolute steal at £6. The huge hand-made patties are virtually the size of Andre the Giant’s fist. Oh, and they’re flippin tasty too, it’s not just size that counts. I think the steak and chorizo burger was the favourite on the night. Here’s Russ’ take for a second opinion.

We didn’t get anywhere near the rest of the menu, but if the quality’s anywhere like the burgers, it should be good. I’ve had a Sunday roast in here recently too, and it was good and very reasonably priced, something like £9.


Unlike the Bow Bar and Cloisters, the Tap does have music on, but the only example I can think of that was on was Mumford and Sons, though I think it was quite a diverse mix.

There’s a small collection of books.

Castle View



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Facebook: Stockbridge Tap


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