#122: The Meadow Bar, Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh

The Meadow Bar, Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Update, September 2015: Reopened in early August 2015 as Southside Social (@EdinSocialPub) under new management.

Update: Closed circa January 2014. Reopened in summer 2014 as The Moo Bar, run by the same folk as The Mad Hatter and The Cuckoo’s Nest. There’s very little info online, I can’t tell if they’re still open.

According to the Facebook page, they’ve got new management, new owners, new staff since we visited (last Saturday before Christmas), so this may be the least useful review ever. They’re apparently reopening (officially) on February 7th.

It’s got dark wood wainscoting, exposed stone in places, white walls, quite a few couches, at least 1 TV, and some unique lighting fixtures. There’s an upstairs too, but there was a private do on so we didn’t look.

Despite our collective condition, this being the 14th pub of the day, there are lots of notes on this place:

* Dog with misbehaving owner.
* Barmaid fairly condescending when asked “what would I drink with a Tia Maria,” but was a little under pressure from an off-duty barmaid (drama). [It couldn’t be anything to do with dealing with drunk idiots asking about Tia Maria?]
* Quite dark.
* Posh do on upstairs, kept themselves to themselves.
* Board games – Trivial Pursuit, Operation, Cluedo, chess, etc.
* Couches.
* Steps up to door. [Russ, is there some story behind this? I don’t remember.]

The Bar

The Meadow Bar, Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Cask: Caledonian Deuchars plus 2 off. Keg: Guinness, Fosters, Strongbow, Kronenbourg 1664, Heineken, Amstel.

The round was £19.45 for a Tia Maria and coke, a Guinness, cider of some sort, lager shandy, half Deuchars, and a Monkey Shoulder. That’s soemthing like £3.50 per drink.


The pictures on Facebook look pretty good, but then that’s possibly the previous owners. There’s no website with prices either.

Castle View

No chance unless there’s a back window upstairs.


Facebook: Meadow Bar (up to date)
Twitter: @meadowbar (out of date)


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