#117: The Green Mantle, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh

The Green Mantle, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Along with The Dagda Bar, this is another pub on our Christmas night out bender that we have all since agreed we can see ourselves going back to (except Westy who barely remembers it, despite being sober).

It’s a fairly traditional setup, a fair amount of woodenness, though not ornate, a TV showing football, pump clips all over the cornices. Of the dozen or so folk in there (Saturday night just before 9pm), there were some studenty-looking folk, a few suspected sexagenarians, and some thirtysomethings. The bar staff were friendly, as was the atmosphere. We got chatting to a local hanging around the bar trying his best to keep people away from his precious cask cider, and there were free Quality Street chocolates at the bar.

Westy’s notes, unedited: “Too much tonic in G+T making Ladyboy consumption an endurance sport. Friendly/studenty. Big on wood. Eminently forgettable. Unassuming.” I beg to differ on the “forgettable” front, I was a little the worse for wear for drink and I can remember it perfectly. His Ladyboy was self-inflicted. We have a rule that the person who utters the third incantation of that word of an evening gets one as punishment, a bit like the Candyman. Once he got off the phone to tell (ask?) his missus about his late night booze prospects, he came back in the door chanting the magic words “L*****y, L*****y, L*****y!”

Pub 9 of 15 on the pre-Christmas bender.

The Bar

The Green Mantle, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Cask: Lancaster Mr Trotter Chestnut Ale, Stewart’s Edinburgh Gold, Prescott Winter Season’s Best and the second cask cider on the tour so far with Weston’s Old Rosie Cider. On keg: Hoegaarden, Fosters, Stella Artois, Estrella, Guinness, Best, Magners.

£13 for 2 pints and 3 halves, so around £3.71 per pint.


We’ve heard from reliable sources that the buffalo burgers are pretty good. We’ll go back to try them out eventually. Food’s served ’til midnight.


Play FIFA on the big screen. Poker night. Quiz night. Live music.

Castle View



Website: greenmantlepub.co.uk
Twitter: @Greenmantlepub
Facebook: Greenmantle Grant Chris


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