#116: McSorleys, Clerk Street, Edinburgh

McSorleys, Clerk Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

At the time of this visit, McSorleys had only been open for about a week. It was formerly known as McEwans Alehouse. They are attempting to reinvent it as a live music venue, apparently.

It seemed alright, certainly swankier than it used to be, but not over the top. A modicum of woodenness, exposed brick, neutral colours, leather-backed benches, and some strange industrial-ish lighting hanging untidily from the ceiling. There was a wide range of age-groups in the place, some old fellas who looked like they were maybe pining for the old pub, all the way down to some youngsters (read: less than 30) perhaps waiting for the live music. This was a Saturday night at between 8 and 9 o’clock.

In the pre-Christmas bender tour, this was pub 8 of 15. This is where it all started to go downhill for me. Since two lady members of my family had shown up on the in previous pubs during the day, I was ordered a “cosmopolitan ladyboy”. This is a variation on the classic Alan Partridge ladyboy (lager with gin & tonic and baileys chasers), but with a cosmoplitan replacing the lager. Just what you need when you’ve been carefully not drinking too fast all day. Cheers guys (not).

For some reason I remember Ruby by Kenny Rogers on the stereo. You learn something every day: Kenny Rogers played the bass. There aren’t many lead vocalists also on bass, I can only think of Les Claypool and Sting (and Paul McCartney of course, thanks Westy). A diverse bunch.

The Bar

McSorleys, Clerk Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

The cask taps: Caledonian Deuchars, Hardys & Hansons Rocking Rudolf and Theakston’s XB. Keg: Guinness, Caley 80, 3 Hop, Fosters, Symonds Cider, Heineken, Murphys.

It’s quite unusual to see Guinness and Murphys in the same pub. Last time we saw that we did a blind taste test on the two, Murphys came out on top.

Unfortunately, there’s no notes on what the round cost.


No notes and I don’t recall seeing anything.


Quiz Wednesday 7pm. Live music most nights, including open mic.

Castle View



Facebook: Mcsorleys Edinburgh
Twitter: @McSorleysEd (not very active as of this post)

McSorleys, Clerk Street, Edinburgh (interior)


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