#115: The Abbey, South Clerk Street, Edinburgh

The Abbey, South Clerk Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

By this time (pub 7 of 15 on our pre-Christmas bender) we all needed some food, so we headed to The Abbey because we knew from a previous pub crawl a few years ago that the nachos were good. Still huge, still great value.

To save me thinking too hard about it, here’s Russ’ description of the interior:

Quite large and feels empty, even though it was full. That makes no sense. It’s just quite large. Feels slightly low rent.

All I’ll add is that it’s sort of split in two, the regular bar side and the more dining-friendly side. There are only really stools at the bar and standing room in the bar side, then big tables in the larger part. I’d agree that it feels a little tired decor-wise.

We got split up over two tables across from each other, and I think this is where Doug, Iain and Colin hatched their evil plan to penalise me for allowing lady family members to sully their “lads only” pub crawl. After Elaine showing up at Dagda, Lorna and Barrie showed up here for a quick pint, thinking Dad would still be out with us. Little did I know that retribution would be served up at the pub after this one.

The Bar

The Abbey, South Clerk Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

On cask there was Caledonian Deuchars, Scottish Borders Festive Foxy and Hadrian Borders Secret Kingdom. One pump was off. Kegs: Guinness, Stella Artois, Carling, Tennent’s Lager, John Smith’s, Heineken, Belhaven Best, McEwan’s 70 and Strongbow.

There are maybe 50 to 60 whiskies. Also a cocktail menu, mostly around £5.

It was £11.90 for 2 Deuchars, a Carling and a diet Irn Bru. I’ll take a guess that the Irn Bru was £1.50, making the pints around £3.47. That’s maybe an over-estimate.


Great nachos for the price (£6), absolutely enormous and tasty. Russ (the nacho expert) says “exceptional value, very spicy, missing some finesse.” The rest of the menu’s your usual pub grub: fish & chips, 19 different burgers, haggis, chilli, bangers and mash, etc. The vast majority are all under £7. There’s more detail on their website, linked below.


Puggies, numerous TVs showing football. Pub quiz, possibly live music.

Castle View



Website: www.abbeybar.co.uk
Facebook: Abbey Bar


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