#113: The Dagda Bar, Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh

The Dagda Bar, Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Dagda is a magic wee independently run pub that I completely overlooked until last summer, and is now a firm favourite of mine. When I was a student living nearby in the late 90s it was called Proctors and it didn’t look very welcoming, full of “old men” who were probably my age now.

The Dagda Bar, Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh (interior)

Anyway, inside it was a little quiet but not as empty as my photos suggest. It gets busy enough to be standing room only at times, and I’ve seen a good mix of clientèle in the past. The bar man was friendly and knowledgeable, there’s lots of nice wood panelling, retro light fittings, low tin (effect?) ceilings, pump clips around the cornice, leather benches, books, a jukebox, a few mirrors and some original artwork.

Pub 5 of 15 on our pre-Christmas bender, everybody was still relatively compos mentis. The seeds of my downfall were sewn here though as Elaine popped in to say hello when she saw us in the window. Apparently, it was a boys only day out and so I would later receive a drinking penalty as a result.

The Bar

The Dagda Bar, Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

There were 4 cask pumps with Williams March of the Penguins, Great Heck Powermouse, 1648 Gold Angel and one tap was off. Kegs were Black Isle Porter and Blonde, Tennent’s Lager, Caledonia Best, Black Rat Cider, Williams Caesar Augustus, Harviestoun Schiehallion, Stewart’s Edinburgh Gold and Erdinger.

There’s no record of what the round cost I’m afraid. It wasn’t expensive, certainly under £4 per pint.


No sign of anything more than crisps and nuts etc.


Pub quiz Tuesday at 8pm.

Nobody noticed the jukebox, but I can remember thinking the music was good on previous visits.

Castle View



Twitter: @TheDagdaBar


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