#112: The Royal Dick, Summerhall, Edinburgh

The Royal Dick, Summerhall, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Royal Dick is a quirky pub hidden away at the back of the courtyard at Summerhall, an arts and science “hub” at the East end of the Meadows. The pub gets its name (and some of its character) from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, the building’s original inhabitant until 2011.

The Royal Dick, Summerhall, Edinburgh (interior)

Some of the furniture and decorations are remnants from the vet school, including an operating table and an array of skulls, bones and other specimens. There’s also an eccentric collection of artefacts from around the world, science kit, hats and paintings. Russ wanted me to point out that the candle to people ratio is quite high.

It’s not quite a brewpub, but there is a micro-brewery in the Summerhall complex, just behind the pub. Barney’s Beer is brewed there and it’s the majority of what they serve on tap in the bar. This also tends to feature heavily at the various festivals and events throughout the year.

Pub 4 of 15 on our pre-Christmas bender.

The Bar

The Royal Dick, Summerhall, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Two casks: Barney’s Good Ordinary Pale Ale and Red Rye. On keg: Hacker Pschorr and Barney’s Volcano IPA.

Our round was £25.75 for 6 and a half pints and a Baileys, so roughly £3.47 per pint, though likely slightly higher.


The Royal Dick, Summerhall, Edinburgh (interior)

The food sounds good, but we didn’t see or sample any on this visit. It sounds a bit fancier than your average pub grub but is still quite cheap, mains range from £6 to £8, not including the steak. The set menu is £8.50 for two courses or £12.50 for 3 courses. There’s also a “deli board” for sharing and various small snacks. I’m basing all this on their latest menu on facebook.


The courtyard outside is used at various times throughout the year for the likes of the Festival Fringe and the odd beer festival.

Castle View



Web page: www.summerhall.co.uk/bar-cafe
Twitter: @TheRoyalDick


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