#103: Scotsman’s Lounge, Cockburn Street, Edinburgh

Scotsman's Lounge, Cockburn Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Scotsman’s Lounge is a rare beast near the Royal Mile these days, a straight-forward working man’s pub that’s good for live music at the weekends. It’s a bit small and basic, but the atmosphere’s what people come here for, apparently.

The bar is in the centre of the back wall, some old barrels for tables around the edge of the room, photos of pipers on the walls and above the bar, and lots of floor space for standing (or dancing) when it gets busy. The live bands tend to draw locals and tourists alike, and people swear by it. Some of the bands that play here have been doing so for many years.

On this Tuesday night visit it was pretty quiet, maybe half a dozen others in the bar, a few locals at one end, a couple more sitting at the bar and some tourists at the other end. I’ve been in once or twice over the years when everything’s in full swing, and it gets absolutely rammed.

The Bar

Scotsman's Lounge, Cockburn Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

There were two cask taps with Caledonian Deuchars and Flying Scotsman. Kegs were Tennent’s Lager, Guinness, Carlsberg, Somersby Cider, Belhaven Best.

The cask beers were £3.30 a pint, relatively cheap(ish) for Edinburgh, never mind close to the Royal Mile, tourist central.


Nothing more than crisps and nuts etc, as far as I can recall.


There was footy on the telly when we were in. As mentioned above, there’s live music at the weekends. You might be wondering where they put the band given the photo above, but there’s at least the same amount of floor space again behind the camera and to the right, if not more.

Castle View



Facebook: The Scotsman’s Lounge


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