#102: The Albanach, High Street, Edinburgh

The Albanach, High Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Albanach is a more modern pub than the previous two pubs of the night. Lots of exposed stone, spotlights, olive colours and light-ish wood. It was reasonably busy and we had to wait for a table, but there were 10 of us, more of us than usual. The front half is the standard pub setup and there’s a more restauranty bit through the back. It’s bigger than it looks from the outside, stretching out over a few shops down CockburnStreet so that the back windows of the restaurant look right down Fleshmarket Close.

It’s one of 7 Belhaven Pubs within a mile of the castle, the others being Drouthy Neebors, Pivo, The Black Bull (Leith Street), The World’s End, The Advocate, and The White Hart. There are around 90 Behlaven-branded pubs in Scotland, with an unknown number of unbranded ones that are leased out by Green King, Belhaven’s parent.

The Bar

The Albanach, High Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

There were 3 casks, Belhaven IPA and 80/-, and Greene King Abbot Ale. Kegs were Peroni, Tennent’s Lager, Carling, Belhaven Best, San Miguel, Stella Artois, Guinness and Strongbow.

There’s lots of whisky. I reckoned around 100, but their website claimes over 200. One of them, advertised in the gents toilets, was on special for “only” £25 a nip! Sadly, I don’t remember which one.

It was a big round, coming in at £29 for 8 pints, so around £3.62 per pint.


We got a table through the back in the restaurant on this visit and most of us ordered food. The waiting staff were friendly and maybe even chirpy. Food was good, certainly no complaints.

Burgers in the £9-£10.50 range, mains £9-£14, steaks around £16.

Castle View

I don’t think there’s any castle view, but suddenly I’m not sure. I’ll double check.


Website: www.albanach-edinburgh.co.uk
Parent: Belhaven Pubs
Grandparent: Greene King

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