#100: Ensign Ewart, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh

Ensign Ewart, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh (exterior)

Every time I’ve been in here it’s been fine. In fact I’ve had a few good nights out at the Ensign Ewart. However, It seems that some folk have had a worse time of it, depending on who’s at the bar. There are some horror stories on certain web-based review sites. It would appear this reputation is down to one particular member of staff, my guess being the owner standing in when they were short-staffed. Surely anybody else giving them such bad press would have been fired?

According to their website, “The Ensign Ewart is named after Charles Ewart, who, single-handedly captured the standard of the famous French Invincibles at the Battle of Waterloo.” There’s a lot more back-story on that page if you’re interested.

Ensign Ewart, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh (interior)

The decor seems a bit dated, but I got the impression that it’s meant to be like that, to give tourists the impression they’re in a really old pub. Some of the stone effect archways etc appear to be fake, for example.

The strangest thing for me was that they had the radio on while we were in. It clashed with the “old pub” appearance, and I can’t stand adverts on the radio. The music wasn’t to my taste. As Russ said, “the music went downhill after Robin Thick and Katie Perry”. I rest my case.

The Bar

Ensign Ewart, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

There are 4 cask taps, 3 of which were on for this visit, namely Caledonian Deuchars and Flying Scotsman, and Black Sheep Best Bitter. Kegs: Carlsberg, Belhaven Best, Stella Artois, Guinness and Magners.

It was £3.70 per pint.

You might be wondering about the Prosecco Rule mentioned in pub 50 where we’re supposed to get Prosecco in pint glasses in every 50th pub. It didn’t look like they had any Prosecco here, though we didn’t ask. The next place had some but it was too expensive, and we more or less decided to ditch the rule. Feels like a bit of a shame not to celebrate the 100 somehow. Och well.


We didn’t look at the menu, but their website suggests a range of pub classics like sausage and mash, haggis, baked potatoes, etc. I’ve got no clue about prices.


I’ve never seen anywhere with keypads on the doors to the toilets before. You have to get the number from the bar. Presumably this is because of the constant tourist traffic sneaking in just to use the toilets.

Castle View

Surprisingly, no.


Website: www.ensignewart.demon.co.uk


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