#98: The Doric, Market Street, Edinburgh

The Doric, Market Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Doric is a smallish pub with traditional decor, mirrors and pictures on the walls, dark wood, leather pews and old-school wee tables. There are also some distinctive art deco-ish light fittings. It feels mostly authentic, with only a hint of over-selling of the “ye olde pub” theme. For example it’s allegedly “Edinburgh’s oldest gastro-pub, built in the 17th century.” It’s in remarkable nick if this is still the original building, but it looks more late 19th, early 20th century to my untrained eye.

We actually spent most of our time on this visit upstairs in the restauraunt which is more formal (it’s all relative). I’d much rather have been downstairs in the pub, but we couldn’t get food unless we went upstairs. I guess the tables downstairs are a bit small for anything bigger than a scotch pie (which they might indeed sell, according to their website). Also upstairs is the “wine bar”, already closed for the evening (circa 8:30pm on a Tuesday).

I think you’re probably more likely to bump into tourists in here, but it’s nice enough that it’s bound to have a few locals or at least regulars too.

The Bar

The Doric, Market Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

On cask Stewart’s Edinburgh Gold, Caledonian Deuchars and Vienna Red. On keg Guinness, Tennent’s Lager, Caledonia Best and Caledonian Three Hop.

Fairly average prices at about £3.70 per pint. My beer was a little flat but I was too lazy to ask for a new one. I’ve been in here a few times before with no problems, so it’s not normal.


It’s nice enough upstairs in the “bistro”, but I prefer the pub, it’s more relaxed. By all accounts the Shepherds Pie was good. Mains range from £9.50 up to £25 for a big steak, but mostly no more than £15, so actually a wee bit pricey. We came here instead of eating at the Devil’s Advocate, thinking this would be cheaper, but they’re about the same. Unfortunately the music up here was fairly cheesy smooth jazz, not my cup of tea.


TV showing news.

Castle View



Website: www.the-doric.com
Twitter: @TheDoricTavern
Facebook: The Doric


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