#97: The Devil’s Advocate, Advocates Close, Edinburgh

The Devil's Advocate, Advocates Close, Edinburgh (exterior)

This place is so new you can still smell it, a nice wooden whiff. It’s about a month old at the time of writing, the latest addition to the Bon Vivant‘s growing collection of bars.

The decor is contemporary with heaps of brickwork, a few exposed beams and slick lighting. Downstairs there’s the bar with the windows behind peering up at The News Steps. There are one or two tables tucked away under the upper mezzanine level, and one table downstairs in front of the big window. The music was trendy but likeable, indie pop-ish but I didn’t know it. For some reason there is what appears to be a huge rusty ship’s chain in the corner by the door.

Clientele-wise it had a mixture of young trendy types and well-dressed suits (lawyers, we guessed). There must have been an office do upstairs, as we noticed on the till that somebody’s bill came to £832! It’s not like we were snooping, it was in huge numbers on the screen pointing out towards the room, as if on purpose.

The Bar

The Devil's Advocate, Advocates Close, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

An all-keg affair, but a better selection than the Bon Vivant when we visited: Williams Blackball Stout, Joker IPA and Caesar Augustus, Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted, Heverlee, Estrella, and Caledonia Best. It seems that Williams are doing well at replacing Guinness and Tennent’s Lager these days.

It looks like they’ve got a lot of whisky, perhaps a hundred by the looks of it.

I’m not sure exactly what our round cost, but Gav reckons it was a little cheaper than expected, something in the region of £15 for four pints, so still below the £4 a pint mark, probably.


The menu looks fairly classy with offerings like “truffled macaroni cheese”, venison casserole, prices ranging from £9 to £13 for a main. The burger sounded great but most of us had already eaten and Alex didn’t fancy forking out £13 for the privilege. I think I might be tempted in future, despite the price, just listen: “Beef & pork belly burger, black pudding, blue cheese, beetroot, quince alioli”.


The aforementioned ship’s chain might come in handy for a zombie invasion?

Castle View



Twitter: @TheDAOldTown
Parent: The Bon Vivant


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