#93: The Ventoux, Brougham Street, Edinburgh

The Ventoux, Brougham Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Named after a stage in the Tour de France, there’s a definite cycling theme to the Ventoux. There are a couple of bikes attached to the ceiling and at least one framed cycling jersey. However, it’s not just cycling artifacts, with random maps from all over the world, a tropical fish tank and a host of bottled German beers. It was a bit dark, and the old leather sofas made us feel like we were in somebody’s living room.

We got there at maybe 9pm on a Tuesday night and it was a little quiet but picked up a bit by the time we left. The clientele was late 20s to early 30s, and the bar staff were friendly enough, helping to navigate the unfamiliar German beers.

There’s a similarly themed sister pub in Leith, the Tourmalet, but that’s outside the scope of this tour.

The Bar

The Ventoux, Brougham Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

There was one cask tap of Caledonian Deuchars but it was off on this occasion. Kegs were the usual uninspiring offerings from the Heineken stable plus Guinness. I don’t have the actual list of kegs, I forgot to write them down.

The good news is that there’s a list of imported German beers by the bottle. I went for the Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier, an extremely tasty smoked beer. Barrie’s verdict was something along the lines of “it’s really tasty, but I couldn’t drink a whole pint of bacon”, except more pithy. I think I could still taste it the next morning, despite having an Alechemy Almighty Mofo at Cloisters after that.

According to my notes our round was “£17.xx” for 2 pints, a shandy, a bottle of Crabbies, a coke, a rum and coke, and the rauchbier. That sounds way too low considering the Rauchbier was around £4. So really I’ve no idea what the average pint costs in here. My advice is avoid the boring Heineken kegs and dive headlong into a random imported beer anyway.


I didn’t spot a menu, but I wasn’t paying attention, being too busy with my pint of bacon.


There’s a small outdoor seating area out front for perhaps 12-15 people, fenced off from the pavement.

There are a few board games and nice big tables for playing on.

Castle View

Close, but no cigar.


Another newish pub (~2 years old) with no web presence. Sheesh.


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