#92: The Cuckoo’s Nest, Home Street, Edinburgh

The Cuckoo's Nest, Home Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

I wasn’t sure what to expect here and we hesitated about going in for dinner, but I’m glad we did in the end. The food was great, the staff were friendly though perhaps a little dazed with what was obviously a huge influx of customers (9 of us) on a Tuesday night. We must have doubled the numbers. The folk that were already in there were young-ish, in their late 20s to early 30s. Given that, it was surprising that the soundtrack was old and sometimes rare Rolling Stones tracks the entire time we were in.

Upstairs is the main bar, with low lighting, slightly trendy but not too much. There’s another room downstairs with a big telly on the wall, but it was deserted and the bar was closed up. Obviously it’s for the weekends.

The Bar

The Cuckoo's Nest, Home Street, Edinburgh (interior, upstairs)

Just the one cask, Caledonian Deuchars. Obviously a Heineken establishment looking at the kegs: Caledonian Three Hop, Heineken, Moretti, Amstel, Hoegaarden, Affligem, Guinness and Strongbow. I’ve never seen Affligem anywhere else.

The round was £28.80 for 7.5 pints (3 Three Hops, 3 Deuchars, lager shandy and half an Affligem), so around £3.84 a pint, though the shandy and the Affligem probably skew that upwards. Why is shandy more expensive than straight lager? Are they cocktails?


The food was really good and if you play your cards right it’s relatively cheap too. £12.95 for any two meals from Monday to Thursday. I think the burgers were all just shy of £10 on their own. It was a little slow but they’re forgiven because 8 of us ordered food and I think we caught them by surprise. My “Mexican burger” was really tasty and huge, but I wanted more jalapenos or general mexican-ness. Russ reckons one of the best burgers we’ve had in a long time, especially for the price.


Pub quiz on Monday nights at 8:30.

Castle View



Nothing! I’m quite surprised, it’s not like it’s an old man pub or anything.


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