#88: Rick’s Bar, Frederick Street, Edinburgh

Rick's Bar, Frederick Street, Edinburgh

Rick’s is another Edinburgh basement bar that turns out to be a lot bigger than you expect. It’s a stylish cocktail bar and restaurant with a “boutique hotel” upstairs. I think it’s also the most expensive bar we’ve been to yet.

As part of Montpeliers Ltd it’s a sister bar to Montpeliers, Candy, Tigerlily, Lulu, Opal Lounge and Indigo Yard, all squarely aimed at a style conscious and/or affluent audience.

The Bar

Rick's Bar, Frederick Street, Edinburgh (interior)

No cask, just keg: Grolsch, Schiehallion, Blue Moon, Belhaven Best, Peroni (5.65!), Estrella Damm, Budvar, Asahi, Cobra and Coors Light. Bottles: Corona, Modelo, Grolsch, Krusovice, Estrella Damm, Innis & Gunn, Peroni, Tiger and Budvar.

There’s a fairly long list of cocktails, mostly around the £7.50 mark, some closer to £10.

On the drinks menu is probably the priciest thing we’ve seen anywhere on the tour so far, a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée champagne for £215. It’s… but… what… why? The whole champagne world in general is just obscene.

The round was £16.35 for 3 Schiehallion and a ginger beer. The ginger beer was £2.25, so the Schiehallion was £4.70! Is that a new record? I think so. The cheapest is the Best at £4.35, the priciest is the Peroni at £5.65. Bottles are from £4.15 to £4.95.


The food isn’t all that expensive, relatively speaking. Mains mostly £9 to £12 with a few outliers. Burgers are about £10.


There’s a “boutique hotel” attached with 10 rooms.

Castle View

Rick's Bar, Frederick Street, Edinburgh (exterior, castle view)

Yes, you can just see the castle. In the terrible photo on the right, the castle is the blue blob to the right of the statue.


Website: www.ricksedinburgh.co.uk
Twitter: @Rickshrb
Facebook: Rick’s Bar Edinburgh
Parent: Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Limited


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