#86: The Cambridge Bar, Young Street, Edinburgh

The Cambridge Bar, Young Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Cambridge is a small-ish pub with a big burger menu. On the left as you come in the front door is the bar and a traditional pub area with a few tables, sofas and a fireplace. On the right is the larger, more dining-friendly area that stretches through to the back. The kitchen takes up maybe a third of the premesis.

We were welcomed in by a friendly bar lady and she pointed us to an empty table by the window. On the way out later we got a “thankyou, bye”. I like that, but sadly it’s rare.

On the downside, despite the fire being on, it was a bit chilly by the window. It was close to freezing outside and the windows are single glazing.

The Caley Sample Rooms and Wannaburger are sister establishments. Unfortunately the Caley is outside the scope of the tour, but definitely look it up. Great beer and food and it’s a good deal bigger than the Cambridge.

The Bar

The beer choice was good with some lesser spotted real ales, above average kegs and no Tennent’s. It was getting busy too and so I couldn’t even get an unobstructed photo of the bar. This was only a Tuesday night. Guessing a bit, I’d say the clientèle was mostly late 20s to early 40s, probably local office types.

There are two cask taps, this time with Arbor Triple Hop and Tryst Carrondale. Kegs were Black Isle Blonde and Goldeneye, Heineken, Schiehallion, Williams Draught, Brooklyn Lager and Guinness. There were various bottles, some of which were from Williams, Black Isle, Sierra Nevada, Little Creatures and Knops.

The round was £10.80 for 3 pints of cask, so around £3.60 a pint. That’s more like it! (see previous post)


The burgers are great, and one of the main reasons we ever came here (until Russ put the kibosh on that due to his “no chips” gripe). There are close to 20 standard variations before you go adding extra toppings, and most of the set-pieces are available as a veggie option too. Prices range from about £7 to £9 but don’t include chips, that’s an extra £2.50. Paying extra for chips is a deal breaker for Russ. I’m not fussed, as the burgers are pretty big anyway. There are a few other things too like salads, wee snacks and desserts, but it’s mostly about burgers in here.


There’s a nice big fire beside the bar, but I think they need to turn it up a bit, it was still a bit chilly.

TVs were showing football with the sound off, and apparently there’s a big screen too, though I didn’t spot it.

Castle View



Website: www.thecambridgebar.co.uk
Twitter: @cambridgebar20


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