#84: Tiles, Saint Andrew Square, Edinburgh

Tiles, Saint Andrew Square, Edinburgh (exterior)

We finished off our night of mostly grand old pubs in here, another tile-encrusted wonder from days of yore. This one felt a little more down to earth, with less suits, and somewhat quieter.

I don’t feel very attached to the place, it’s missing something that the Guildford or the Cafe Royal have, but I can’t put my finger on it. The bar staff were friendly enough, they’ve got real ale, and an interesting interior. There wasn’t much of an atmosphere though, perhaps not surprising at 930pm on a Tuesday.

One of our rules on the tour is that if we see a tram go past we have to down our pints. With that in mind, we decided to tick this pub off before it becomes a liability. The tram line goes right past the door, though now we realise we wouldn’t have been able to see them go past anyway.

Wherever you see Calton Gold on tap, it’s almost certainly a Caledonian Heritable pub. There’s no website for that company, the closest you’ll find is on the Calton Gold website. So, sister bars of Tiles are The Pear Tree, Ryan’s Bar, Bannerman’s, The City Cafe and 5 others, more than I realised. The big one that’s missing from that list is The Dome on George Street. It may not have Calton Gold, but it’s a Caledonian Heritable flagship operation.

The Bar

Tiles, Saint Andrew Square, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Three casks: Inveralmond Pundie, Caledonian Deuchars, Stewart’s Belgique Edinburgh Gold. On keg: Williams Ceasar Augustus, Heineken, Carling, Kronenbourg 1664, Caledonia Best, McEwans Red, Calton Gold, Strongbow, Tennent’s Lager, Guinness, Stella Artois and Amstel.

I’ve no record of how much the round was. If anyone remembers I’ll shove it in here later.


Mains are mostly hovering around a tenner with the burger being the outlier at £7.25. It seems like a while since I saw a burger that cheap in a pub, not including John Barra’s. There are other options under a tenner including sandwiches, soup, salads etc.


In the summer there are tables out on the pavement overlooking Saint Andrew Square.

Castle View



Website: www.tilesbar.co.uk
Twitter: @tilesedinburgh
Facebook: Tiles Bar Edinburgh


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