#80: The Newsroom, Leith Street, Edinburgh

The Newsroom, Leith Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Fairly slick and stylish, based around the theme of a newsroom, obviously, but I don’t know what all the lightbulbs in jars are about. Cocktails, keg and bottled beers, decent looking burgers and pretty bar staff. Busy enough for a Tuesday night, youngish clientèle, and it’s probably rammed closer to the end of the week.

No real complaints except that the tables are too high. I felt like a kid trying to sit at the dinner table without my booster seat for the first time.

There’s no indication online of who owns/runs the place, or any ties to other pubs, but they must be a Heineken operation judging by the beers.

The Bar

The Newsroom, Leith Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Kegs only I’m afraid: Caledonian 80/-, Guinness, Fosters, Kronenbourg 1664, Heineken, Caledonian Three Hop, Amstel, Strongbow. Bottles: Erdinger, Sierra Nevada, Vedette, Stewart’s.

There’s a long list of cocktails from £4.95 to £7.95.

I don’t know how much the round was but my notes say £3.80 per pint for Three Hops.


Burgers starting at £8.95 up to £11.95 if you’re sensible, or there’s their “Pillager” burger which is £19.95! There are also a handful of novel mains like steak and potatoes, pork belly, mussels from £7.25 to £11.95. We didn’t eat here though.


There’s a pub quiz on Thursdays at 9pm and I have since found out there’s a club downstairs called “511”.

Castle View

The Newsroom, Leith Street, Edinburgh (exterior, castle view)

Surprisingly enough, you can see the castle from here. In the crappy photo on the right the castle is the small grey speck to the right of the Balmoral Hotel, just above the buses.


Their website looks pretty but is a bit useless. It’s not exactly up to the minute and their Facebook page is broken (unless I don’t understand Facebook, maybe you have to log in first).

Website: www.newsroomedinburgh.co.uk


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