#79: Sygn, Charlotte Lane, Edinburgh

Sygn, Charlotte Lane, Edinburgh (exterior)

This is another bar that I’ve slated for a long time for being up its own arse. Well, yet again I’ve been proved wrong. Either I was there on a bad night all those years ago, or they’ve changed their tune. I liked it. There you go, I said it.

Yes, it’s essentially a cocktail bar, the beer’s a bit boring and pricy, but the general atmosphere, laid back, friendly staff and the previous 4 pints of the evening put me in a forgiving mood. Maybe if it was stowed out with posh/office types on a Friday after work, as I expect it is, and if I was a bit soberer I wouldn’t appreciate it the same way.

It’s a sister bar to The Westroom nearby and Monteiths on the High Street.

The Bar

Sygn, Charlotte Lane, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

No cask, just kegs: Guinness, Amstel, Heineken, Tiger, Caledonian Three Hops Lager. There were bottled beers too, of course, but I didn’t write those down.

There’s a long list of cocktails from £5 to £10, some of which are barrel aged! That’s a first.

Our round was £17.30 for a Guinness, 2 Three Hops and an Amstel, averaging out at £4.32 per pint, a bit steep.


The food is surprisingly straight-forward. It’s all burgers, “haut dogs”, pizza and sharing platters, mostly under £10. Hot dogs are all £9 and mine was nice enough. It’s just a hotdog though, £9?

Castle View



Website: www.sygn.co.uk
Twitter: @sygnbarsays
Facebook: Sygn Bar


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