#78: Scotts, Rose Street, Edinburgh

Scotts, Rose Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

As with most Rose Street pubs there’s a back story here about a robust character, Ma Scott, that used to run the pub back in the 19th century, complete with a sign outside for the benefit of tourists. It’s also allegedly one of the oldest pubs on Rose Street.

Inside it’s had a modest sprucing up since we were last in a couple of years ago. Dark wooden panelling, grey walls, fairly straight-forward. It was quiet, just a few folk in to watch the football.

According to this interview, it’s owned by Bruce Group and run by Flood Inns. However, it’s not mentioned on the Flood Inns site. According to the web site, Bruce Taverns owns Whistlebinkies, Bar Salsa, The Globe, the Royal Mile Tavern, and Sin nightclub.

The Bar

Scotts, Rose Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Caledonian Deuchars on cask and the rest on keg: Guinness, Belhaven Best, Tennent’s Lager, San Miguel. The signs outside say Carling too, but I obviously didn’t notice at the time.

Our round was £14.50 for 2 Deuchars, 1 Guinness, a rum and coke and an Irn Bru. Assuming the Irn Bru isn’t more than £1.50, then the rest average out at around £3.25.


There was a menu on the bar, but the kitchen was closed by the time we got there at perhaps 8:30, 9:00. There was a selection of burgers I think,

A regular bag of crisps was £1. Grumble, grumble.


TVs with football, and a TV in the window pointing out to the street so you can watch the match and have a smoke I suppose.

There was a fireplace, but I don’t know if it’s just for show or actually functional.

Castle View



Website: www.scottsofrosestreet.co.uk
Facebook: Scotts of Rose Street
Parents: Bruce Group, Flood Inns


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