#77: The Living Room, George Street, Edinburgh

The Living Room, George Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Edit: as of May 2015 this is now a Slug and Lettuce.

This is really a restaurant first, and we swithered about whether or not it counted on the tour, but ended up going in since there is a bar area too. It’s a huge place, even the bar is bigger than some other pubs in town, stretching way back into the building. The restaurant area’s the same size again if not bigger, but I didn’t take a look this time around.

It’s quite dark, but classy. Plenty of darkish wood, lots of browns and greys, leather seats, so hot right now. Through the back where we sat in “the Board Room” or something there was a TV showing a fireplace DVD, pretty random for a classy joint like this.

The Living Room is a chain by Bedfordshire based Stonegate Pub Company. There are 10 other Living Room locations around the UK. Stonegate is also to blame responsible for the Slug & Lettuce chain and Scream pubs. There are some unbranded pubs too like The Amber Rose on Castle Street and The Chanter on Bread Street, both ex Hog’s Head pubs.

The Bar

The Living Room, George Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

I didn’t remember to write down exactly what beers were on offer, but it can’t have been that good a choice as we all had Guinness. I expected them to be expensive, given the price of the food, but they weren’t that bad at £3.95 a pop. We’ve seen much worse, certainly.

There’s much more choice if you’re into wine, champagne or cocktails.

We got some good chat from one of the waiters once he loosened up a bit. He was telling us about a great pub crawl he did with friends recently, funded principally by a spur-of-the-moment Wonga loan on the day before payday. He and his friends all chipped in to pay it back the next day. Genius. We didn’t have that when I were a lad.


The food looked good and everybody enjoyed their burgers (though Westy less so due to it being served on a wooden chopping board). It was expensive though, £12 per burger. The cheapest mains on the menu were just shy of £10, and most are £12 or above. I’m much too stingy for that.


Russell says bogs always smell nice. Music was a sappy mainstream mix of David Gray, Coldplay etc.

Castle View



Web page: www.thelivingroom.co.uk
Parent: Stonegate Pub Company


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