#75: Candy Bar, George Street, Edinburgh

Candy Bar, George Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Down in the a basement below the Living Room is this place, obviously aimed at affluent students or office workers with plenty of disposable income. It’s very well presented, trendy I suppose, all slick lighting, leather and relatively colourful.

As part of Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Limited, this is owned by the same group as Tigerlily, Lulu, Opal Lounge, Ricks, Indigo Yard and Montpeliers.

The Bar

Candy Bar, George Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Only kegs: Grolsch, Carling, Krusovice, Coors Light, Cobra, Blue Moon, Belhaven Best, Guinness, Estrella Damm, Asahi Super Dry, Peroni.

Best and Carling are the two cheapest at £3.95 and £4.10 respectively, the rest are all £4.50 and above, up to £5.65 for a Peroni. Average price is a whopping £4.77 per pint. Bottled beers are mostly £4.15 and bottled ciders £4.95.

There’s a long list of cocktails, mostly between £7 and £9.


It looks relatively cheap considering the price of the drinks, but Doug says the portions aren’t all that big. I think he’s been in here with work for food. We moved on.


Big TVs all showing Red Bull snow sports. There are seats outside that look mostly covered by an awning, it would keep you dry except in a downpour I suppose.

Castle View



Website: www.candybaredinburgh.co.uk
Twitter: @candyedinburgh
Facebook: candybaredinburgh
Parent: Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Limited


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