#73: Blue Blazer, Spittal Street, Edinburgh

Blue Blazer, Spittal Street, Edinburgh (exterior, castle view)

This is easily one of the best pubs in town. It’s remained virtually unchanged for many years, serving great beer to a wide variety of patrons from students to pensioners, locals and tourists. There’s a real vibrancy to the place when it starts to fill up, even on a Tuesday night.

Floor mozaic, Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

On the floor as you walk in is an old and presumably original mozaic (poorly pictured right). The pub is presented fairly modestly with a few mirrors and pictures of old Edinburgh, old tables and chairs, stools at the bar, and a fireplace. The bar itself is a nice old wood and brass affair with whiskies and a wide range of rums along the back. The staff are helpful, knowledgeable and mostly cheery.

Through the back is a slightly cramped collection of small tables, stools an blue leather benches (pictured at the bottom of the page). On a busy night you might find yourself crammed in back here, regularly shuffling around to let people in or out as they head to the bar or the toilets.

As far as I know it’s independently owned and run, but the internet isn’t helping to confirm or deny this theory. If anybody knows of any sister pubs etc, please leave a comment below. Edit: I’ve since found out that it’s linked to Kay’s Bar.

Russell has claimed in the past that this is his favourite Edinburgh pub, and it’s definitely top 10 for me, if not top 5. With Colin still feeling jilted about missing the Thistle Street Bar last week, and Russ unavailable this week it was payback time. Why so cruel? You can’t blame Colin of course, we’re all equally guilty.

The Bar

Blue Blazer, Spittal Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

A great selection of casks: Fyne Ales Superior IPA and Vital Spark, Cromarty Rogue Wave, Tryst Amarillo Hop Trial, Houston Crystal, Old Worthy Original, Tempest Altered States and Thistly Cross cider. Kegs: Beck’s Vier, Staropramen, Caledonian Three Hop Lager, Budweiser Budvar, Guinness, Magners.

They’ve got whiskies too, not an enormous selection, but probably well chosen.

Once again I forgot to note down the price of the round. Fortunately I have notes from a previous trip in the summer where it was £10.90 for 3 pints. So around £3.60 per pint.


Just toasties and crisps.


I didn’t notice any signs on this visit (not that I remembered to look) but there at least used to be a quiz night and an open mic night.

Castle View

Yes! You can see it in the picture at the top of the page. It’s great to finally have a pub I love on the list of pubs you can see the castle from.


Twitter: @BlueBlazerEdin

Blue Blazer, Spittal Street, Edinburgh (interior, back room)


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