#71: Red Squirrel, Lothian Road, Edinburgh

Red Squirrel, Lothian Road, Edinburgh

This feels a bit different from its two sister pubs The Holyrood 9A and the Southern Bar (all Fuller Thomson pubs), though the beer lineup is still just as interesting, and the burgers just as good. It seems less traditional, with a hint of American diner about it, though it’s probably just a function of the building it occupies, this being the newest at a guess. It was really busy for a Tuesday night (6:30ish).

One of the things I like most about the place is what’s absent – no Guinness or Tennent’s Lager, something very rare in Edinburgh. Instead, the house beers are from Williams Brothers. Even if the big G or T were amazing beers, it’d still be boring having them in virtually every pub in town.

The Bar

Red Squirrel, Lothian Road, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

20 taps! It’s a little hard to tell which ones are cask and which are keg because they all have the same fittings I’m stupid but Pat put me right (4 cask lines). Definitely cask because they were on about the green hopped beers on twitter: Old Dairy Green Hop, Tyne Bank Green Hop, Stewart’s Cameron’s Dad’s Fresh Hopped IPA. I think the other cask was Buxton Axe Edge. That leaves the following kegs: Williams Joker, Williams Black Ball Stout, Williams Draught, Williams Caesar Autustus, Camden Gentleman’s Wit, Alechemy Rye O’ Rye, Belhaven Best, Peroni, Stella Artois, Cobra, Innis and Gunn, Blue Moon, Kozel, Pilsner Urquell, Aspall cider.

They either took away the beer board showing what’s on, or I did my usual and couldn’t see it for looking.

Once again, no notes on the price of the round. This is becoming a bad habit. Prices probably vary quite a bit due to the variety of guest casks and kegs.


We’ve eaten here many times and the burgers are really good. There’s a large-ish menu of something like 20 different burgers (and yet no chilli burger?) and good meaty nachos (but no jalapeños?). Almost everything’s under £10 except for the grill or the double burger.

Castle View



Website: www.redsquirreledinburgh.co.uk
Twitter: @redsquirrelbar
Parent: Fuller Thomson

Red Squirrel, Lothian Road, Edinburgh (interior)


2 responses to “#71: Red Squirrel, Lothian Road, Edinburgh

  1. There are four cask beers. You can see from your picture that they have different handles and long nozzles.

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