#62: Dirty Dick’s, Rose Street, Edinburgh

Dirty Dick's, Rose Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Ok, so it’s a total tourist trap in here, but I have a severe soft spot for the place. Normally pubs with trinkets and bric-a-brac all over the shop leave me cold, but for some reason it works in here. It at least has the appearance of having accrued all this crap over years, rather than a ye-olde-pub-in-a-box effort.

Dirty Dick's, Rose Street, Edinburgh (interior, ceiling)

The barman was friendly and patient, food was good. The atmosphere wasn’t bad for a Tuesday night, but as expected it was mostly tourists.

The story goes that Dirty Dick was a local back in ye olden days, getting his nickname from his job as the guy that cleaned up all the horse crap off the streets. He was left a large inheritance but didn’t find out about it before he died, despite efforts by his family to find him. There’s a sign outside with the full story.

I don’t remember where I heard it, but I believe they’re run by the same people as 1780, a few doors down the street.

The Bar

Dirty Dick's, Rose Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

On cask: Stewart’s Edinburgh Gold, Caledonian Deuchars and Flying Scotsman. On keg: Fosters, Guinness, Strongbow, McEwans 70, Stella Artois and Tartan Special.

There’s a large array of whiskies, I think the barman said around 200 (but don’t quote me on that).

Our round was about £22 for 5 pints and a bottled cider. So average pint is likely less than £3.60.


We had our tea in here on this visit, and everyone was pretty happy with their food. Nachos and burgers were deemed pretty good and Elaine enjoyed her Chicken Supreme. These were all under £10 except for my burger cos I added extras on top. It’s just one guy working away in a tiny kitchen beside the bar. Hats off to you sir.


Music was a dirty blues mix with the likes of the Black Keys, Jack White and Johnny Cash.

Castle View



No website, and the twitter and facebook pages seem very out of date and next to useless. But here they are anyway.
Twitter: @DirtyDicksPub
Facebook: Dirty Dick’s Pub


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