#59: International Vodka and Beer Bar, Rose Street North Lane, Edinburgh

International Vodka and Beer Bar, Rose Street North Lane, Edinburgh (exterior)

Hiding up a lane off Rose Street, just around the corner from the Kenilworth is this new bar which has only been open a few months (where “Frenchies Bar” was, if that helps).

It’s tiny, maybe 24ft by 20ft. When we visited it still wasn’t finished, they were waiting for the beer taps to be installed, and were having a meeting with their interior designer when we walked in. The taps have since been installed, but no cask ales. It seems to be a pre-club sort of place where you can get tanked up on slightly cheap vodka if that’s your thing. Decor is all relatively tasteful, some cushioned benches along the exposed stone walls, a few tables and “designer” light fittings. The staff were friendly.

The sign outside says “Secret Arcade” in the corners, so it’s obviously a sister bar of the Secret Arcade Bar just off Cockburn Street.

The Bar

International Vodka and Beer Bar, Rose Street North Lane, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

On keg: Tennent’s Lager, Innis & Gunn Lager, one other beer (sorry, I’ve forgotten) and Magners Cider (I think). There were some bottled beers you don’t often see in a pub like Badger and Wychwood, plus the usuals like Innis & Gunn, Magners, Copparberg, Peroni, Coors etc.

There are also cocktails, lots of vodkas, and wine of course.

Our round was about £14 for 4 bottles, so £3.50 for the larger or “premium” bottles and £3 for the others. There was no indication how much a pint was going to be when the taps got installed. Nobody thought to ask.


No sign of anything other than crisps etc.


Music: contemporary pop music during our visit at least, Robin Thick and the likes.

There was a small TV behind the bar.

I don’t think they’re affiliated, but there is an “Executive Sauna” upstairs, complete with red light in the window.

Castle View



No website or social media for this bar in particular, but their sister bar on Cockburn Street’s site is here: Secret Arcade Bar.


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