#55: The Black Rose Tavern, Rose Street, Edinburgh

The Black Rose Tavern, Rose Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

I’ve never been in here and I was on holiday for this visit, so here’s what the lads had to say:

Alice Cooper would be intimidated. Fried food odour. Dog sneaking into pub. Wooden, but eff all hooks.
“Home to the craziest staff in town” (no citation, Wikipedia would not be happy)

From the 3 minutes I spent in here getting photos it’s got some unique touches: LPs along the wall above the picture rail, cast iron baronial-looking chandelier, and it’s all very black and white. I can sympathise a little with the Alice Cooper comment above, as it appeared to be full of a stag do on Saturday afternoon when I went past, so I got my photos on a Monday lunch break instead.

According to the Banshee Labyrinth web site, The Black Rose is its “little sister pub”.

The Bar

The Black Rose Tavern, Rose Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Two cask lines, only one on the go for this visit: Caledonian Deuchars. On keg: Stella Artois, Guinness, McEwans 80, Fosters, Strongbow, Tennent’s Lager.

The round was £11.20 for 3 Deuchars. That’s not divisible by 3! Anyway, around £3.75 per pint.


Fried food presumably

The kitchen is completely open to the room, so there’s no way to stop the smell of chips wafting around. When I went in to take photos it smelled of fish and chips.

I looked at the menu on their website, but it appears to be a few years out of date, unless the food’s super cheap. Beef nachos for £5.50? Burgers 4.50?


Jukebox – but sick

You’re not alone, I don’t know what that means either.

There are a few tables outside. They also do rock karaoke and an open mic night.

Castle View



Website: www.blackrosetavern.com


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