#54: Robertsons 37 Bar, Rose Street, Edinburgh

Robertsons 37 Bar, Rose Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

A very straight-forward old/working man’s pub. It’s nice to know they still exist round these parts.

The notes I got from the lads (I was still on holiday) say:

Nice wooden bar surround. The rest very dated. Limited ambience. Slightly threatening on entry.

We were in here only one other time previously on a different pub tour, and it was fine apart from the lack of real ales. A bit quiet and dated, sports memorabilia on the wall and tennis on the telly. I was also in on Monday at lunch time to get photos and it was just a few pensioners and a friendly bar lady. I’d like to know what made it “threatening” when the lads visited this time around. Lads? Care to comment?

The Bar

Robertsons 37 Bar, Rose Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Unfortunately no real ales, just kegs of Belhaven Best, McEwans 80 and 70, Stella Artois, Guiness, Tennent’s Lager and Strongbow.

I can’t remember where I read it but apparently nearby whisky shops send their customers here to try before they buy, so they must be getting that right. Or maybe it’s just cheap.

According to these notes the round was £13.80 for 5 pints (3 Best, 1 80, 1 Tennent’s)! That’s only £2.76 a pint! If it’s correct, it’s definitely one of the cheapest pubs in the centre of town after Diane’s Pool Hall and Shandwick’s (so far), but arguably better than both of those (in my humble opinion).


Scampi fries. Soup + toastie £4.50.


Puggy. TVs with sport. TV showing CCTV. What looks like a WWE Intercontinental champions belt on the wall. ‘ooks on bar & wall.

Castle View



No sign of a web site or any social media accounts. Old school.


2 responses to “#54: Robertsons 37 Bar, Rose Street, Edinburgh

  1. Nearby at No 43 is the Rosehip. It’s mainly a restaurant but it also has a bar. Got 3.4% EPA in there tonight for £2.45 a half pint!

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