#52: The Abbotsford, Rose Street, Edinburgh

The Abbotsford, Rose Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

This pub was originally constructed for the owner of Jenners in the hope that it would entice his department store workers to part with their hard-earned cash straight back into Mr Jenner’s pocket. The bar itself is a magnificent example of an original Edwardian wooden central island bar, built in 1902.

We’ve been in here a lot for our regular Tuesday Booze over the years. It’s often completely rammed at the weekends, but we’ve never failed to get a table on a Tuesday after work.

I was on holiday for this visit so I’m consulting notes from the lads, once again:

Good wood. Friendly atmosphere. Resident cowboy.
No ‘ooks at bar. Very nice ceiling. Central bar.

The cowboy reference is due to a fellow who always seems to be in there (on a Tuesday after work, at least) wearing a cowboy hat and utility belt. Russ gets upset if the cowboy’s not there.

The pub is run by D.M. Stewart, making it stable mates with The Cumberland, The Guildford Arms and The Canons’ Gait.

The Bar

The Abbotsford, Rose Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

The beers are served via the old-school Scottish tall font taps, relatively uncommon these days. They’re driven by air pressure instead of a hand pump and can be easily mistaken for gas-driven kegs.

There is always a good selection of real ales on. On this occasion there was Orkney Dark Island, Tryst Brockville Pale, Highland Brewing Duke IPA, Kelburn Goldihops, Strathaven Claverhouse Red. On keg they have Tennent’s Lager, Belhaven Best, Guinness, Budweiser (Budvar?), Addlestons Cider.

There’s no indication of the total round cost in the notes, just that the Brockville Pale was £3.50 per pint.


Good selection. Some items slightly pricy. Decent quality.

There’s a restaurant (called “Above”) upstairs, but we’ve never needed to go up since you can order at the bar and eat downstairs.


TV (off). No music.

Castle View



Website: www.theabbotsford.com
Twitter: @TheAbbotsford
Facebook: TheAbbotsfordBar

The Abbotsford, Rose Street, Edinburgh (interior)


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