#51: George Street Bar And Grill, George Street, Edinburgh

George Street Bar And Grill, George Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Of the pubs and bars that my friends have ticked off while I was on holiday, this is the first one I haven’t got any previous experience of. So it’s riding entirely on their notes plus the two minute visit I paid to get a photo of the bar on a Monday lunchtime.

Zero atmosphere. Friendly staff brought us the beer in goblets; not even a prosecco round. [We were the] youngest clientelle by at least 20 years.

Tuesday nights are generally relatively quiet anyway, plus it’s a new place, open less than two months at the time of that visit. However, for a regular pub-goer like myself, it seemed quite posh, verging on intimidatingly so. The waiter who greeted me at the door was friendly and asked me about the blog etc, but the handful of clientelle looked a bit suspicious of me.

It’s connected to, owned and run by the neighbouring hotel, The Roxburghe Crowne Plaza.

The Bar

George Street Bar And Grill, George Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

The photo of the bar here is just a small section of what looks like quite a big place from outside. I was too chicken to ask if I could go for a wander, I already stood out like a sore thumb.

It’s really a wine and cocktails kind of place, so I’m not surprised that the beer selection is Heineken, Belhaven Best, Amstel, Guinness on keg, with bottles of Tiger, Sol, Innis & Gunn and Caledonian Deuchars.

The round was £12.55 for 3 pints (2 x Best, 1 x Guinness), so around £4.20 per pint. Well in line with the other more upmarket bars in the area.

The cocktails are between £7 and £10. Wine from £17 to £65 per bottle, not including fizz.


At roughly £15 average for a main course, we’re not talking pub grub here, it’s restaurant food.


Convenient hotel attached.
Never a bar, toilets too clean, almost wanted to go to sleep in it as it was so nice.

Castle View



Website: georgestreetbarandgrill.com
Twitter: @GeorgeStreetBar
Facebook: GeorgeStreetBarAndGrill
Parent: The Roxburghe Crowne Plaza


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