#50: The Alexander Graham Bell, George Street, Edinburgh

The Alexander Graham Bell, George Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

The first Wetherspoon’s pub of the tour, one of only three within our catchment area of less than a mile from the castle. Quite often I find the atmosphere in these pubs lacking, since they tend to be quite large, but they’re generally relatively cheap and at least have beers from the odd smaller brewery sometimes.

Pints of prosecco

A Wetherspoon’s was deliberately picked for #50 because the lads figured it would have cheap prosecco. One of the rules of this tour is that in every 50th pub we have to get prosecco served in pint glasses. Not a full pint each, don’t worry. There is no explanation for this, just a bit of fun. Beers were consumed too, of course.

I was still on holiday, so I’m consulting the notes the lads gave me:

Packed. Good background noise. Decor nicely modern.
Possibly youngest people in the pub – v. good thing.

We’re all mid-thirties, so that puts the age thing in perspective for you. Apart from the prosecco photo, I took the photos on a different day, hence the disparity with the description above.

The Bar

The Alexander Graham Bell, George Street, Edinburgh (interior)

There are at least 8 cask lines. On this occasion there was Greene King Abbot Ale, Caledonian Deuchars, Inveralmond Independence, North Yorkshire Flying Herbert, Marston’s Pedigree, Broughton Ales Kilimanjaro and Fuller’s London Pride. Lots on keg too, but no notes from the lads. From a photo I can pick out Tuborg, Carlsberg, Guinness, Fosters, Tennent’s Lager, Strongbow.

According to the notes the beer round was £13.40 for 5 pints (3 x Abbot, 1 x Guinness and 1 x Independence), so an almost impossibly low £2.68 per pint. That’s what Wetherspoon pubs are famous for, but it’s still suspiciously low. Perhaps they used a CAMRA discount token or cheap beer with their dinner.

The prosecco was £13.89, not even that much cheaper than The Huxley, though they might kick you out there for asking for it in pint glasses.


Tuesday: steak club.
Food served until 11pm.
With most food, add £1 for a pint.
Full rack of ribs very tasty, but had bones in.

Wetherspoon’s pubs usually have the same menus, with the same deals on each night of the week. The food’s not bad and fairly cheap. Nothing to get excited about.


No TV. No music. Wifi. Pleasant toilets but no visible hand drier (it was hiding). Various sexual aids available for purchase from toilet vending machines. ‘ooks on tables.

Castle View



Website: The Alexander Graham Bell
Parent group: Wetherspoon
No specific facebook or twitter for this pub, just the parent group.


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