#49: Shandwick’s, South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh

Shandwick's, South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Quoting the form I got from the lads (I was on holiday):

Ambience: none. Decor nicely modern. Get the impression rammed on weekends.

In the pub’s defence, I’d like to point out that a lot of pubs are quiet on a Tuesday night. This place is pretty big, so the few souls that do show up on a week night don’t really add any atmosphere. I’d agree with the lads though in their prediction that it’s probably hoaching on a Friday or Saturday night.

Having said that, from my brief visit the other day for photos on a Monday lunchtime, it was so dead even the bar staff were nowhere to be seen. It reminded me of a Scream pub, but I can’t find anything online to suggest which chain it’s part of.

The Bar

But here’s why people come here: Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted on cask for £2! That’s the cheapest pint on the tour so far. There are three cask lines, one of which was Caledonian Deuchars, but no mention what the third was. Also “generic lagers” on keg. No specific list of beers from the lads here.

“Round £8 for 4 x B&T”. Obviously. Why wouldn’t you take yourself back 10 years for a bit of nostalgia, when you used to get change from one of these new-fangled £2 coins at the bar? We used to call them “beer tokens”. That didn’t last long.


Menu extensive and cheap. Lunch £5 for food + drink. Kids eat free sundays.


Music not great so far. Why so much bass? TVs showing sport channels. Papers available. Free wifi. Puggy. Photos of Edinburgh. Jukebox (£1 for 3 plays), but poor selection. Urinals too close together.

They forgot to mention that there’s a pool table too.

Castle View

Shandwick's, South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh (exterior, castle view)

Unfortunately, yes, there’s a good clear view of the castle from the pub (were it not for the scaffolding next door).


Website: www.theshandwicksedinburgh.co.uk
No twitter, no facebook. A veritable ghost ship considering it’s a pub obviously aimed at a “youth” market.

Shandwick's, South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)


2 responses to “#49: Shandwick’s, South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh

  1. Did Shandwick’s used to be something else? It’s a new one to me. I’ll put it on my research list as it has cask.

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