#46: The Links Bar, Alvanley Terrace (Whitehouse Loan), Edinburgh

The Links Bar, Alvanley Terrace (Whitehouse Loan), Edinburgh (exterior)

Notes for this bar are a bit less detailed than the others the lads have taken (I was on holiday). Apparently they got distracted by the pool table and filled half of it out in the next pub. All I got for a general description was this:

Genuine, bonafide sporting heroes of a tartan nature (photos + paintings).
Mel+Kim “Respectable” referenced by [Iain].

I haven’t been here for a very long time and still thought it was a studenty sports bar, but it appears to have been taken upmarket since then. This may explain the Mel+Kim reference, but maybe it was just on the stereo.

The main attraction here is the beer patio out front which looks out over Bruntsfield Links in a West-ish direction, great for evening beers in the summer.


By the looks of the photo there’s one cask on, and I assume that’s the Caledonian Deuchars, the rest are all keg: Heverlee, Caledonia Best, Guinness, Estrella Damm, Tennent’s Lager, Peroni, Magners. Blue Moon available in bottles.

Small cocktail menu, £5 or £6.50 for “deluxe”.

Round was £17.80 for 4 beers (2 Deuchars, 2 Guinness), so around £4.45 per pint. Oof.


I’ve never eaten here, and the lads’ notes are not helpful (“who cares, had nachos already”). Looking at the menu on their web site, most mains are under £10, and there are some smaller snacks under £5. They’ve got beef nachos though, so perhaps I can persuade Russ to check them out and give us his expert opinion.


There’s a pool table at the back of the bar and a nice looking library-ish room with big high-backed leather chairs etc for a bit of peace and quiet maybe. I’ve already mentioned the patio out front. There’s a jukebox which appears to be internet connected, similar to the one in the Au Bar.

Castle View



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The Links Bar, Alvanley Terrace (Whitehouse Loan), Edinburgh (interior)


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