#45: The Golf Tavern, Wright’s Houses, Edinburgh

The Golf Tavern, Wright's Houses, Edinburgh (exterior)

For me, the current interior’s a massive improvement on the previous incarnation of all out w*nky sports bar. It appears to be aiming for a cross between the clutter and madness of Dirty Dick’s on Rose Street, a traditional pub and a sports bar. You can tell it’s manufactured, rather than organic clutter, but it works in a funny sport-kitsch-theme-bar way. On first impressions it could almost be a traditional pub, but once you start examining the surroundings it’s a bit obvious – a repeating “ye olde sports memorabilia wallpaper” won’t fool many people for long.

The notes I have from the lads (I was on holiday) say the following, make of it what you will:

3 x euphoniums in the plastic ceiling.
Too busy. Private NSA function upstairs.
Loud. Folk playing board games. Folk playing non-strip strip poker.

Tennis bats on wall.
Ages from 17-68.

As one of the pubs in The Speratus Group, this place is in cahoots with 99 Hanover Street and some pubs in Aberdeen. There’s a connection to Amicus Apple on Frederick Street in there somewhere too.


The notes on beers that the lads gave me don’t seem like the full list, I seem to remember at least 3 casks and maybe 5 or more kegs in the past. The notes just say “Deuchars, Guinness, Guest Caley Ale (Hops)”. I’m not sure whether “Hops” means “Hop Crop” or their “3 Hops Lager”, but it doesn’t matter I suppose. The key thing is they have at least three cask beers and they’re not all regulars or all from Caledonian Brewery. I’ll go back and get a better look some day and update this section. In their defence, the lads said that it was totally rammed in there that night (good going for a Tuesday) and they didn’t fill out all of the form there and then.

The round was £16.60 for 4 beers and a soft drink, so perhaps around £3.60 per pint assuming the softie was £2.


We’ve eaten here in the past, and it was fairly good with quite large portions. Yes, they do nachos and they’re rather large, but not prize-winning in Russ’ eyes, but I can’t remember why not. Maybe he’ll elaborate in the comments below.

I imagine Westy will want me to mention the thing he hates most about the place which is that some of the tables are made from old doors, giving them a very uneven surface. This may look nice (to each their own), but proves to be a bit annoying if you’re trying to eat your dinner, wobbly plates etc.


The night the lads were in there were two different football games on. The photo above was taken on a different day, but you can see the big projector screen in the background showing footy.

There’s a function room upstairs available for hire. According to their website it’s a “sports free zone upstairs”, which I assume to mean when there are no functions on. Of the half dozen or so times I’ve been in since the refit the upstairs has been closed off more often than not, perhaps not busy enough.

Castle View



Website: www.golftavern.co.uk
Twitter: @TheGolfTavern
Facebook: GolfTavern
Parent: The Speratus Group

The Golf Tavern, Wright's Houses, Edinburgh (interior)


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