#44: Henricks Bar, Barclay Place, Edinburgh

Henricks Bar, Barclay Place, Edinburgh (exterior)

Henricks has been on our radar for a while now due to a serendipitous stop-off for food one night after sitting in the meadows in the sun. They were duly crowned “best nachos in Edinburgh” by Russ at the time, stealing the title from The Mercat. Since then, Henricks has been usurped by 52 Canoes.

Anyway, if you’re not a nacho freak like Russ (or me), you might want to know what else this place has to offer. I’ll let the lads’ notes set the scene (I was on holiday for this visit):

Upscale decor. Table service. REALISTIC BAR STAFF. Gerbera on every table.

Henricks Bar, Barclay Place, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

The decor’s nice enough, not too flashy, fairly tastefully done. The photo makes it look quite dark, but that’s my (camera’s) fault. You can just see the patio out the back.

I’m not sure what made the bar staff so “realistic”. There was probably some banter involved. Their notes do say that this was the first place to engage in conversation about this daft pub tour. I went in yesterday to grab a photo or two, and wasn’t even two steps in the door when I got a big “hello” from behind the bar. All the other pubs happily ignored me as I randomly popped in, took a snap, and legged it out again. Talking to the lady behind the bar, she actually remembered the boys’ visit last month. It’s not hard to spot: if 5 or 6 blokes walk in and all order nachos, it’s probably us.

Two “NO DAVE” ticks on the form this time. Also a “NO RUSS” bonus point too.


Not a huge selection if you’re a beer snob like myself, but at least there’s cask beer, that being Stewart’s Pentland IPA. On there’s keg Peroni, Guinness, Belhaven Best, Staropramen, West 4, Tennent’s Lager, Strongbow.

The round was £18.30 for 5 pints, so about £3.66 per pint. Specifically, as expected, the cask (Stewart’s) is a bit cheaper at £3.50 per pint, and West 4 was more at £3.90.


The notes in the food section of “the pro forma” just say “NACHOS SUPERIOR”, and they’re a bit of a steal at £6.95. I don’t think we’ve ever eaten anything else here but the rest of the mains hover around a tenner, apart from one or two exceptions. They do a Sunday roast too, again for around a tenner, a “Chill Out Sunday” offer, and pre-theatre menu. Check the Henricks website for more details.


More pearls of wisdom from the boys:

Median rock music of the soft c*ck variety.
Clientele on the 50+ side (sweet!)
Toilets v pleasant.

There’s also a patio out the back, with seating for perhaps 10-15. You might even get sun out there in the summer until after lunch.

We had a large-ish gathering in here around Christmas time on a Sunday afternoon and various people brought their sprogs (children) along. The staff were helpful and seemed to cope fine, though I think most of the kids were small enough that the parents had lunch with them. There’s at least one high chair.

Castle View

Henricks Bar, Barclay Place, Edinburgh (exterior, castle view)

I didn’t believe it myself at first, but “Yes (in & out). Now formally known as a hokey cokey.” And the proof is on the right here. You can’t see a lot of it, but it’s definitely there.


Website: www.henricksbar.com
Twitter: @henricksbar


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