#40: Smithie’s Ale House, Eyre Place, Edinburgh

Smithie's Ale House, Eyre Place, Edinburgh (exterior)

According to this comment on edinphoto.org.uk, Smithie’s first opened in the 90s as a recreation victorian pub, complete with gas lamps, and taking the name of its architect owner Mr Smith. The sign outside says it was established in 1981 though, so who knows?

Smithie's Ale House, Eyre Place, Edinburgh (interior, mirrors)

Inside it’s quite small and cosy, with low ceiling and a central bar taking up a fair chunk of the space. The walls are entirely covered by what appear to be custom-made mirrors, making the place seem a bit bigger. The atmosphere seemed friendly, full of locals young and old, a good sign on a Tuesday night.


There were three casks on, Fyne Ales Jarl, Stewart’s Edinburgh Gold, and Caledonian Deuchars. Kegs were Tennent’s Lager, Belhaven Best, Guinness, Stella Artois, Fosters Lager, Magners Golden Draught Cider.

Our round was £20 for 6 pints, so around £3.33 a pint.


As far as my notes tell me, the only food is toasties, pies, soup and the like. There was even a proper behind-the-bar pie oven (empty by the time we got there, circa 8pm), always a heart-warming sight. The kitchen is relatively big though, given the overall size of the place and there’s a sign outside saying “Freshly cooked meals,” so maybe there’s more to it than that. Without an official website to scour for a definitive answer, it’ll just have to remain a mystery unless somebody corrects me.


While we were in there were two different footy games on, one side of the bar for the Scotland game, the other for the England game. The commentary was on which suggests they take their football seriously in here. I’ve read elsewhere on the net that it’s a good place to be for big games atmosphere-wise.

Apparently, after a bit of searching on the web, they do a poker night and live music.

Castle View



I couldn’t find anything official.

Smithie's Ale House, Eyre Place, Edinburgh (interior, bar)


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