#39: The Other Place, Broughton Road, Edinburgh

The Other Place, Broughton Road, Edinburgh (exterior)

Here we have another gentrification job, opening earlier this year, and replacing the Stags Head (sic). I can’t comment on whether we’ve lost out, having never visited the Stags Head. According to 365 Pubs it didn’t have any real ales before, so that’s one improvement.

It seemed like a nice enough pub, more exposed stone walls and fancy original cornices, a few guest casks, and a big selection of bottled beers. It’s owned by the same people as The Doric up on Market Street.

The Other Place doesn’t show up on our unofficial map, but the red line of the perimeter passes straight through it. Once I get a proper map set up, it’ll be on there. I guess that puts the total up to 248. Oops.


Three guest casks: Bonkers Conkers, Caledonian Flying Scotsman and Belhaven IPA. There were heaps of bottles, too many to even bother writing down at the time, so no notes, sorry, but an interesting selection for sure. On keg were Alhambra, Oranjeboom, Black Isle Blonde, Coors Light, McEwans Red, Aspall Cyder, Guinness.

Our round was £22.40 for 6 pints, so about £3.70 a pint, pretty middle of the road.


The food looks good! We’ll have to go back for nachos one day as “beer chilli” sounds too good to miss. The burgers are similarly priced as across the road, hovering around £10.

The kitchen’s completely open to the pub. I walked in the side door and thought I’d accidentally walked into a chippy or cafe.


As far as I can remember, there were no TVs. I could have sworn I wrote down the music selection, but apparently not. We were certainly entertained; all I remember is that Arrested Development’s Mr Wendall was on as we walked in (haven’t heard that in ages).

Castle View

Not on your nellie.


Website: www.theotherplaceedinburgh.com
Facebook: theotherplaceedinburgh

The Other Place, Broughton Road, Edinburgh (interior, bar)


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