#38: Cross & Corner, Canonmills, Edinburgh

Cross & Corner, Canonmills, Edinburgh

What used to be McLachlan’s has now been turned into a swanky real ale pub for young things. The staff were friendly, and the atmosphere very relaxed. I don’t know how to put this without sounding sexist or something, but it does seem like a very lady-friendly pub; you know, contemporary design, pretty details, etc. Or is it just middle class?

I’m a bit sad to see McLachlan’s gone, I was looking forward to going back after our last pub tour a few years ago. It did great nachos for the price and the bar man was good craic. At least its replacement is pretty good. As far as pub gentrifications go, this is a pretty good balance of stylishness and substance (read beer).

The other thing of note is that it’s the latest addition to The Shilling Group, so a sister pub of Thomson’s Bar, The Fountain, etc.


My first impressions made me think this wasn’t going to be up to much beer-wise. I was quite wrong. There are around 12 taps and not a Tennent’s, Heineken or Guinness in sight.

Now I might have my casks and kegs mixed up here, sorry about that. Casks were Doom Bar, Kelburn Red Smiddy, Moles Mole Catcher and Black Jack Shuffled Deck. On keg they had Brooklyn Lager, St Mungo, Aspall Cyder, Williams Brothers Blackball Stout and Caesar Augustus, Vedette Extra White and Lager.

Our round was about £22 for 7 drinks, according to my notes, but that sounds almost too good to be true, considering Elaine had a Recorderlig cider, usually at least £4. I think either they made a mistake or I did. It was all on one big bill including food, so maybe £22 for 6 pints, that sounds more likely. If anyone knows any better, please let me know.


Burger, Cross & Corner, Canonmills, Edinburgh

The menu’s verging little pricy, with mains starting at around a tenner, but the burgers were really tasty. Great, chunky, obviously homemade burger, quite pink in the middle, nice bun, and pastrami instead of bacon. My culinary knowledge isn’t all that amazing, but I think that in order to get away with serving the burger pink, it has to be ground fresh or at least very recently. That may well be what made it so damned tasty.

There were a few cheaper things like a sausage roll and beans for under a fiver (confirmation please Doug), but I’m afraid to say that that particular item sort of missed the point a little – the portion wasn’t all that big, and a little miserly on the beans as if to try and make it healthier I suppose. If someone orders a sausage roll they’re probably not that worried about their health. It’s cheap food, be a little more generous!


Pleasant music at a reasonable volume from the likes of Feist and Belle & Sebastian. On the way out we spotted some children’s toys and books too. Not a lot, but enough to perhaps keep them occupied while you enjoy a Sunday pint.

Castle View

Not a chance, though Gav did manage to scare the crap out of some poor local having a smoke outside. What would you do if some random stood beside you and started pressing his face up against the pub wall?


Website: www.crossandcorner.co.uk
Twitter: crossandcorner
Facebook: /pages/Cross-Corner/274147842726355
Parent: The Shilling Group

Cross & Corner, Canonmills, Edinburgh (interior)


3 responses to “#38: Cross & Corner, Canonmills, Edinburgh

  1. I like this place better than “The Other Place” across the road. Strange that two old boozers should have been turned into “bar/kitchens”.
    The good here is very good, not too pricey. The beer can be expensive, though. Camden Pale (?) was nearly £4 a pint.

    • I used to think £4 a pint was bad until we did this tour. I’ve been marking any pubs with an average price of £4 and over as “pricey”. One day I’ll put up some nice pricing stats.

  2. Also, only just within your 1 mile radius – Google maps makes it 0.96 miles from the castle!

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