#37: Clark’s Bar, Dundas Street, Edinburgh

Clark's Bar, Dundas Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

This is the first pub on the tour that I didn’t know existed before drawing up the list of pubs, and I was looking forward to it. Finally, a busy pub on a Tuesday night, obviously all locals or at least regulars from nearby offices. It’s a good, traditional working man’s pub. There were two other ladies in the bar for a short while, but once they left Elaine was the only lady, not including bar staff.

Clark's Bar, Dundas Street, Edinburgh (interior)

There’s wood panelling, red leather seats, a nice old wooden bar and two back rooms in which to escape the sport on the TVs in the front. The picture on the right here details the rise and fall of the old Edinburgh tram system. On June 23, 1923, the last cable car ran in Edinburgh. “The conversion of the tramway system from cable to electric power started on June 20, 1922, and was completed on June 24, 1923”. Eat that TIE! The last tram to run before being replaced by buses was on November 16, 1956.

I feel like we rushed this pub, and should have thrown caution to the wind and had another pint, cos I was enjoying it. We needed food though, so had to move along. The problem is I’m never really in this neck of the woods except when doing daft city-wide pub crawls, so there’s no telling when I’ll be back.


3 casks: Caledonian Deuchars and Hop Crop (new out, not dissimilar to Deuchars), Orkney Best. Kegs were Guinness, Tennent’s Lager, Strongbow, Stella Artois, Kronenbourg 1664, McEwans 70 and 80, and Belhaven Best.

Our round was £19.80 for 6.5 pints, so a mere £3.05 per pint on average. One of the cheapest pints of the tour so far. Both guest ales were £2.95, the Guinness pushed the average up a smidge.


I didn’t notice anything in the way of hot food, but in retrospect it seems like the kind of place that would maybe do pies or toasties at most.


There were 3 TVs showing horse racing, football and Sky news. There’s also occasional live music.

Castle View



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Clark's Bar, Dundas Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)


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  1. One year on and we now have a Facebook page (Facebook.com/ClarksBarEdinburgh) and a Twitter page (@ClarksEdinburgh) which are great for keeping up with events, new guest ales, live music etc. Come along again sometime.
    Clark’s Bar

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