#34: Lock 25, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Lock 25, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh (exterior)

Tucked away just off Lothian Road, this place is bigger than it looks from the outside. For a Saturday night though, I was gobsmacked at how quiet it was. I can only assume they get a lot of customers in from nearby offices during the week or on a Friday night, otherwise how do they make any money? It’s been open for quite a while, something like 1 to 3 years, but that’s now twice I’ve been in and it’s been essentially dead. And for no good reason. I couldn’t fault it on anything in particular. So why’s it completely dead?


Lock 25, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Beer I’ve never heard of is always a welcome sight in a pub. On cask tonight was Wylam Silver Ghost, Stewarts Copper Cascade, Caledonian Three Hop, Hadrian Border Brewery Needles And Pins and Hadrian Border Swordmaker 1888. Kegs were Kronenbourg 1664, Fosters, Moretti and Murphys. Probably Heineken too, being a Heineken pub, but I don’t have that written down.

Our round was £11.40 for 3 pints, so about £3.80 a pint. Not exactly extortionate.


They have a full menu, but I barely looked at it, being after 9 on a Saturday night. It looked alright, reasonably priced.

We learned from the friendly bar man that they’re taking part in the Lupe Pintos Chili Cook-off towards the end of September. Basically, a bunch of Tollcross-ish pubs and cafes are taking part in a competition to see who can come up with the best chili. I’m flippin’ gutted cos I’ll be out of town on holiday.


Lock 25, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh (exterior, patio)

There’s a patio out the back (pictured right), a few TVs (one switched on with BBC news but no sound) and some puggies (games machines).

The stereo was pumping out quite an eclectic mix of Wolf Mother, The Pixies, Deacon Blue, Portishead, Jerry Lewis, Leonard Cohen, Tori Amos and others. Taste? Perhaps. Coordination? Not so much.

Castle View



Website: www.lock25.co.uk
Facebook: pages/Lock-25/147818428586888 (can’t they get something catchier? I don’t understand facebook)

Lock 25, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh (interior)


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