#29: The Priory, Morrison Street, Edinburgh

The Priory, Morrison Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

This place is very new on the scene, only opening last Friday. I didn’t even notice it on the way up the road to Thomson’s, more or less next door. It’s where Cuba Norte used to be, if that helps you get your bearings.

When we first arrived the music was almost enough to make me want to turn around and leave! Some sort of manufactured dance monstrosity. Thankfully it was just one bad apple, as it mellowed out to anonymous, yet relatively pleasant soul-ish, bossa-ish, lounge muzak.

The Priory, Morrison Street, Edinburgh (interior, skulls)

They’re going for a very contemporary exposed stonework and brick, slightly fake stained wood, and lots of quirky lighting look. Take, for example, the glowing glass skulls pictured on the right. There was a dimmer switch beneath them. I wonder how long that will last before it gets removed behind the safety of the bar. Further up past the bar is a collection of caged booze, as if it’s some wild animal.

Only really the front of the upstairs bar was open on this visit. They’re obviously just biding their time until word gets around, as it’s actually a pretty big place. There’s a lot of room downstairs where the dancefloor was in its previous incarnation. I don’t know if they’re aiming for the club scene this time around.


There is Innis & Gunn Original, Tennent’s Lager, Belhaven Best, Guinness, Blue Moon, Brooklyn Lager, Peroni and Briska Cider, all on keg. The Brooklyn’s a nice touch, you usually only see that in bottles. It’s £4.50 a pop though. As it happened, it wasn’t on on this occasion, and neither was the Innis & Gunn, they’re not quite finished setting up shop yet.

Our round of a Guinness, 2 Best, a Tennent’s and a Briska was £19.70, so more or less £4 a pint. That’s certainly the priciest pint on Morrison Street, and probably the Haymarket area. You’d have to venture over to the likes of Angels Share, Indigo Yard or Whighams for similar prices. Still not quite The Huxley prices though.

They also do cocktails, of course.


The menu looks ok, but it didn’t actually tempt any of us on this occasion, even though we were looking for dinner. Maybe just a little too pricey, I can’t remember exactly. I’ll tell you what though, it smelled amazing. It looked like the table next to us got some sort of sharing thingamy and it smelled of Thai restaurant deliciousness. If they’d managed to waft that in our direction before we were almost finished our pints, we’d have probably stayed for food.


Sorry, another bathroom anecdote: they have a stealth hand dryer. Shiny black tiles on the walls and a shiny black hand dryer at the back in the dark (in the fog, in the middle of the night, with an owl) had me confused at least, and Gav.

Castle View

No ma’am.


Twitter: @PrioryEdinburgh
Website: www.theprioryedinburgh.co.uk

The Priory, Morrison Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)


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