#27: The Standard, Howe Street, Edinburgh

The Standard, Howe Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

This looks like a small-ish pub from the outside, but is bigger than expected. The skylight above the bar at the back tells me that they’ve extended out into what would normally be the back garden. There’s also a basement bar, though we didn’t go down to check it out.

There’s a European feeling to the place, perhaps it’s all the stylised fake arches and pillars. On the walls there’s a mixture of photos of old film stars and sports shirts. The overall impression is of an Italian restaurant that’s been turned into a sports pub at a later date.

Edit: please note that this was written the week before it was turned over to new management at the start of September 2013. Maybe we’ll revisit it, but no promises.


No real ales* (depending on your definition), but several kegs to choose from: Caledonian Deuchars and 80, Peroni, Heineken, Guinness Extra Tasteless Cold, Coors Light, Amstel. More of the same mass-market stuff in bottles: Budweiser, Red Stripe, Blue Moon, Brooklyn Lager, Innis and Gunn, more Heineken and Coors Light.

*Correction: apparently, according to the CAMRA local pub guide, the Deuchars is cask, it just looks like a keg. Don’t judge a book by its cover. I suppose the 80 is probably cask too. Hat-tip to Patrick Hanson for the heads-up.

I didn’t write down how much our round was, sorry.


We didn’t check out the menu, but saw some nachos go past, and they looked reasonable. We’ll have to send Russ in to get a professional opinion.


As we walked in The Who piped up on the stereo, I forget which track, but relatively popular one. After that we got Kings of Leon, followed by other big names in contemporary rock.


Several TVs showing football on this occasion. The downstairs bar is available for hire.

Castle View

Potentially, yes. It was almost dark by the time we got here, but we could definitely see the big stands they put up for the Tatoo. I’m not sure this counts, we’ll have to consult the rules next time Doug is out.

The Standard, Howe Street, Edinburgh (interior)


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