#26: The Wally Dug, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh

The Wally Dug, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Another hidden New Town gem, The Wally Dug feels like a bit of a time warp. I mean that in the best possible way. It’s great to find an old pub (since 1811 apparently) that hasn’t been gentrified. It’s got bags of old-school charm: busy carpets, dark wood panelling, games, books and a snug. Please don’t gentrify this pub! Are you listening?

The Wally Dug, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh (interior)

It’s hard to guage what sort of clientèle they get in here, as it was empty apart from one well-to-do looking chap enjoying a quiet pint (until we showed up). The beer’s not cheap, but the decor’s not exactly swanky; there’s champagne in the fridge, but they do toasties. What I’m trying to say is I can’t pigeon-hole it, so maybe it’s just a pub for everyone.


Not a lot of choice on this occasion, with only one cask ale on (Belhaven Golden Bay) out of a possible 3. Kegs included West St Mungo, Guinness, Belhaven Best, Carling and others I forgot to write down. The round was £12.25 for 2.5 pints and a coke, so let’s say between £3.80 and £4 a pint. Not the cheapest, certainly round this neck of the woods.


They do toasties, and there’s the usual crisps, nuts and snacks you’d expect in most pubs.


Operation (The Wally Dug, Edinburgh)

It’s always nice to see board games and books in a pub. No doubt the gent I mentioned earlier had his quiet pint spoiled though by us playing Operation in the snug. There are a few TVs, but they weren’t on tonight. I get the impression they’d be on for football, rugby, tennis etc. Through in the back room there’s a piano and more books.

There’s a regular pub quiz and a poker night too.


On the stereo we were treated to the likes of the Fleet Foxes, Counting Crows, Eddie Vedder and Bright Eyes.

Castle View

Alas, no.

The Wally Dug, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)


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