#25: The Cumberland Bar, Cumberland Street, Edinburgh

The Cumberland Bar, Cumberland Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

With one of the best beer gardens in town, this place is a great spot for a quiet beer when the sun’s out, not that there’s much competition on the beer garden front in Edinburgh. It’s a lovely pub regardless, with lots of woodenness, a few cosy side-rooms (a.k.a “snugs”), lots of beer, good food, friendly staff and a good mix of clientèle.

The Cumberland is managed/owned by DM Stewart, making it stable mates with The Abbotsford, The Guildford Arms and The Canons’ Gait.


There’s quite a lot to choose from, with 8 cask lines and 12 kegs. On this occasion, the casks were: Alechemy Cairnpapple IPA, Scottish Borders Brewery Gold Dust, Moles Brewery Rucking Mole, Tempest Cascadian, Caledonian Fringe Benefit and Deuchars, Williams Bros Midnight Sun, and Tryst Drovers 80/-. Kegs included ciders and even a perry: Bitburger, Staropramen, West St Mungo’s, Tennent’s Lager, Guinness, Caledonia Best, Inveralmond Sunburst, West Hefeweizen, Addlestones Cloudy Cider, Black Rat Perry, and another two I missed.

As for the round, 4 pints and an Irn Bru was £13.30, so only £3.30 per pint, maximum. Seems cheap!

I think it’s worth noting that Westy got a wedge of orange in his Irn Bru. Never seen that before, and I don’t think I’d thank you for it.


The Cumberland Bar, Cumberland Street, Edinburgh (food, burger)

The menu seems a little high-fallutin’ at first, with things like Excellent burgers (pictured), nice and big, with home made chutney and good chips. The default burger came with bacon, and was £9 I think. I forked out the extra £1.50 for some blue cheese too, and it was well worth it. One of the best burgers I’ve had in a while, and here was me thinking the Fuller Thomson pubs had that more or less sewn up.

The Cumberland Bar, Cumberland Street, Edinburgh (food, pulled pork)

Esme went for the pulled pork open sandwich (pictured) which seemed to go down well. They’re a few quid cheaper at something like £6 plus £1.50-ish for chips. Still, they looked pretty filling. The Chemist had a braised beef open sandwich and seemed to enjoy that too.

On the snacks front they’ve got some interesting offerings too. As well as crisps etc as you’d expect, there are bags of dried, cured meats like ginger and chilli dried ham. A variation on beef jerky I guess, and not as tough. Sounds a bit odd, but really nice. £2 a pop though.


The Cumberland Bar, Cumberland Street, Edinburgh (beer garden)

As mentioned, the beer garden is relatively big for Edinburgh, with seating for not far off 100, plus standing room if you’re keen. I’ve never seen it totally full though. It’s got a nice mixture of sun and shade too, with a big old willow tree of some sort providing dappled shade from the scorching Edinburgh sun. It’s smack in the middle of a residential area though, so will almost definitely have some limits on how late you can stay out there.

Castle View

No way José.

The Cumberland Bar, Cumberland Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)


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