#24: Diane’s Pool Hall, Morrison Street, Edinburgh

Diane's Pool Hall, Morrison Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Perhaps this place was an early prototype for the Ghillie Dhu refit. Of course I’m joking. It does share a penchant for fake woodenness though, opting for a Tudor aesthetic that seems quite out of place in Edinburgh. You could easily imagine yourself in a random English countryside pub if it wasn’t for the accents.

It’s not the most salubrious of places, in fact having a reputation for being a bit rough. I don’t know if that’s warranted or not. We were in on a Tuesday night in the downstairs lounge which has a tiny bar, a few TVs, puggies (slot machines), and two pool tables. It didn’t feel threatening at all, mostly locals, but there were a few interesting characters. The bar staff seemed friendly enough.

There was some debate about whether this really counts as part of the tour. The rules state that the primary function must be a pub or bar. Of the four of us, two thought we ought to go in cos it looks like a pub, and two of us figured we could skip it cos it’s a pool hall. In the end we had to resort to one of the other rules which states that if we can’t decide, we have to consult the magic 8-ball. Oz downloaded a magic 8-ball app on his phone and asked it “should we go into Diane’s Pool Hall” and got a very clear “yes” first time.


Nice and cheap, but no real ale. Three pints and a ginger beer was 8.25! Even if the ginger beer was free, that’s still only £2.75 a pint. Wow. There was Caledonia Best, Tennent’s Lager, Guinness and Carling.


I didn’t spot anything in the way of food downstairs, and we didn’t venture upstairs, but there’s a sign outside saying “homemade food served all day”. I can imagine them doing toasties and pies, seems like that sort of place. Mmm… pies…


So, like I said, it’s a pool hall, so there are obviously lots of pool and billiards tables, most of which are upstairs. Last time I came in here for pool, at least ten years ago, it was 20p a game! It’s probably gone up a bit since then, but should still be relatively cheap. They also seem to do poker regularly, hosting tournaments etc, and domino nights and karaoke.

Castle View


Diane's Pool Hall, Morrison Street, Edinburgh (interior, downstairs)


One response to “#24: Diane’s Pool Hall, Morrison Street, Edinburgh

  1. Still 20p a game and has been that since Diane took it over a good 25 years plus, There is a well equipped kitchen upstairs and they usually do toasties and pies!! But usually a couple of meat dishes at only £3 Chicken, beef or lamb curry, stew, mince and tatties etc not all at once usually any two of a few that rotate, still cheap £2.40 Tennents, £2.35 Carling, some of the guys might look rough and it might get noisy at times but we are a good bunch and always friendly with starngers if they join in. Karaoke on every Saturday.

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