#21: The Haymarket Bar, West Maitland Street, Edinburgh

The Haymarket Bar, Haymarket, Edinburgh

Not a bad spot for nipping in before catching a train. It’s well presented, perhaps a bit over-produced, but they’ve got lots of beer to choose from, and reasonable food. Like the Conan Doyle from a couple of weeks ago, this is another Nicholson’s chain pub.

I feel like I have to make excuses for the crap photo of the outside. It was tricky due to the blinkin’ tram shenanigans. I think this is one pub that might eventually do well out of the trams as the pavement outside’s been widened a lot. No doubt they’ll have tables out there the moment the construction fences are away. A big company like this probably has the clout to talk the council into it.


These are just the casks: Daleside Old Leg Over, Rudgate Ruby Mild, Hilden Scullion’s, Harviestoun Schiehallion, Nicholson’s Pale Ale (“crap” – Doug), Caledonian Deuchars, Box Steam Brewery Funnel Blower (nice vanilla porter),
Stewart’s 80, Orkney Raven Ale, Great Heck Brewing Yakima IPA (lovely).

There were others on keg too like Guinness etc, but I didn’t write them down. You can assume it’ll be a similar selection to the Conan Doyle the other week, being a Nicholson’s pub.

The round was a bit haphazard, so no overall price, but my Yakima IPA was only £3. Bargain! They’ve got a mini “beer festival” on just now, so the beers are cheaper than usual at £3 for any “participating” beer.


The Haymarket, Haymarket, Edinburgh (interior)

A large menu, prices reasonable, but I expected cheaper given the chain pub situation. Still, my “wild boar burger” (~£10) was very tasty, and Colin certainly wasn’t complaining about his regular burger (£8). Nobody else got food, preferring to wait until we hit the Mercat later.


A few modest-sized TVs for the size of the pub, air conditioning, lots of seating. It’s a pretty big pub actually.

Castle View


The Haymarket, Haymarket, Edinburgh (interior, bar)


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