#18: The Huxley, Rutland Place, Edinburgh

The Huxley, Rutland Place, Edinburgh (exterior)

I know what you’re thinking already, cos that’s what I was thinking too: “here we go, overpriced, swanky, full of posh-nobs, this is going to be painful.” It turns out that tonight is a night for dispelling myths and prejudices. After The Grosvenor turning out fine, so did this place.

Quite a transformation from its former incarnation, “The Rutland”, it’s still a bit pricey, but they actually had real beer, good music and no loud and obnoxious dick-heads (unless we were fulfilling that role). Something about the place kept us occupied as we stayed for a second round, though that could well have been Linda deciding to take them up on their £15 for a bottle of prosecco.


To my surprise they had a few actual beers, though probably all keg, hence the price: Caledonian 80 and Deuchars, Williams Brothers Caesar Augustus, Harviestoun Schiehallion, Innis & Gunn, Carling, Moretti, Blue Moon, Belhaven Best, Guinness, Coors Light, and last but not least Duff beer, as in Homer Simpson’s favourite tipple.

I had to have a Duff as I was already a bit tipsy, had never seen it before and thought it was mildly amusing. The barman hazarded a guess that it was a Molson/Coors product, but didn’t know for sure. I thought that was a reasonable guess, going by the taste. Duff by name, duff by nature. It turns out that the most likely candidate is “The Legendary Duff Beer”, brewed in Germany, with no blessing from Matt Groening, and with no obvious ties to Molson.

Aaaanyway. Our first round was about £20.50 for 4.5 pints (not Duff), which works out at £4.55 a pint! That’s the most expensive of the tour so far.


There’s a relatively small menu with sandwiches at around £8, hot dogs for around £7.50, burgers for £8-£9 and some wee sharing things too. Not that expensive, given the price of the beers. I’m surprised.

Castle View from outside The Huxley

Castle View

Yes, after two weeks, we have another castle view pub! Not surprisingly, just over the road from the last two (Ryan’s and Mather’s). You can see the castle from inside and outside. We even timed it just right to get fireworks from the tattoo.

The Huxley, Rutland Place, Edinburgh (interior)


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