#14: The Pleasance Bar, The Pleasance, Edinburgh

The Pleasance, Edinburgh (exterior)

Apparently the bar here is open to the public year round, according to Wikipedia. I thought it wouldn’t count on our tour, being a student union, but it seems that it’s fair game.

At this time of year though it’s rammed with Fringe-goers, seeing as it hosts something like 8 venues. Consequently, there are several extra temporary bars in the courtyard to cater for the extra demand. As you can see from the interior shot below though, the real bar was quite dead tonight (a Tuesday, week 2 of the Fringe). We had no trouble getting a table out in the courtyard either, but it was busy enough for me.

My main beef with this and other outdoor Fringe venues is the flyer people, interrupting our scintillating conversation to tell us how amazing some show is, and to give us a shiny bit of paper for us to ignore. This is followed closely by the crowds of slow-moving tourists, and the Fosters/Heineken invasion.

On this particular night, Gav thought he was being really funny and gave one of the flyer people some back-chat, but she didn’t catch all of it, thought he was serious, and she left in tears! What a mean brute that boy is. He felt pretty bad, but Carolyn (his wife) sorted it out as best she could. Pfft, men!


Will somebody please break the Fosters monopoly in the outdoor Fringe venues, e.g. something local(ish) and tasty, like Stewart’s, Alechemy, Barney’s, Top Out or all of the above. Deuchars is ok, but you have to hunt for it here (only in the indoor bar) and it’s still not very exciting. I’m already paying over the odds in these venues, I’d happily pay over the odds for a lovely pint of beer.

Here (during the festival) you can choose from Deuchars, Fosters, Murphy’s, John Smith’s, Heineken and I think some others by Heineken International, the third largest brewer in the world by volume. I’m afraid I didn’t keep any notes on prices, but I think it was £3.70 for a Murphy’s, at least.


I don’t know what they have when the Fringe isn’t on, but there was a burger van selling 4 or 5 variations. £5 for a low-frills burger with haggis on top. Tasty enough. There was also a pulled pork bun stall, but I didn’t see the price. Not much on offer for all you veggies then (that I saw).

Castle View

No ma’am.

The Pleasance, Edinburgh (interior)


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